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IT Insurance

IT insurance


We recognise that technology companies are different from traditional professionals.The current legal landscape is immature and constantly evolving. The products are cutting-edge with capabilities not envisaged when most insurance policies were written. Operations span international borders and products are distributed around the globe.That is why technology companies require specialist insurance.

  • Many insurance policies for technology companies contain specialist professional indemnity cover, but EsuranceTM TECH is the only policy where all sections of cover, have been designed purely for the technology industry.We believe this is the only way to provide seamless cover.

    • Software can be considered as a service or a product. This is why our product liability and professional indemnity insurance has been tailored to avoid any gaps in cover.
    • Our business interruption cover takes into account issues relating to project delivery failure, delayed milestone payments and disruption to research and development activities.
    • We do not use standard insurance definitions of “technology services” as this can dramatically reduce cover. Instead we let the technology company define their business and the activities to be covered.
  • The majority of professional indemnity claims against technology companies are for breach of contract, so it is very important that this area of coverage is clear and unambiguous.
    • Many policies claim to cover breach of contract, but have a contractual liability exclusion or condition.
    • We provide clear cover for breach of a client contract.
    • We do not have a contractual liability exclusion or condition.
  • Apart from these two crucial coverage areas, EsuranceTM TECH also includes the following features:
    • Full civil liability coverage, not just negligence.
    • Specific cover for breach of intellectual property rights.
    • Cover for claims brought anywhere in the world as standard.
    • Virus and hacking liability cover.
    • Payment of fees withheld by an aggrieved client if this mitigates a potentially larger claim.
    • Reimbursement of costs incurred to help reduce or avoid a claim.
    • PR consultancy costs to minimise brand damage.
    • No exclusions for civil fines and penalties, project delays, third party defects or bugs post acceptance.
    • Limits of liability available up to $20,000,000.
    • Premiums starting from as little as $1,000.
  • We recognise that technology companies want to buy their insurance quickly and simply.That’s why our insurance policy is backed up by exceptional service levels featuring:
    • Over 90% of quotes provided within 48 hours
    • A “fast-track” same-day service for urgent submissions
    • Policies issued within 24 hours of binding if we have all the information we need