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As a small business owner you obviously want to protect the assets in your Company, and also ensure that every dollar you
earn is spent wisely. Many business owners maintain the same insurance policy for years as it’s often easier to
renew, rather than look at other options that are available.

As well as cover for Fire, Theft Storm and Accidental Damage including Business Interruption and Public Liability we can
provide a range of other impressive features and value adding options including.

  • Machinery & Electrical Breakdown & Loss of Data
  • Loss from Employee Dishonesty
  • Management Liability (wrongful dismissal, discrimination etc.)
  • Statutory Liability
  • Corporate Travel (Business & Leisure)
  • Tax Audit costs
  • Goods being transited within Australia
  • Flexible excesses options to minimise costs
  • Premium discounts for risk management certification
  • Convenient payment terms over the period of the policy
 Accommodation Insurance Brochure